1. countdown
    Here’s What Lame-Duck Trump Might DoThe president could start a war, spare his convicted cronies, and more on the way out.
  2. clemency
    Trump Pardons Michael Flynn in End-of-Term Attack on Russia InvestigationA little dose of payback from the departing president.
  3. politics
    Losing Hasn’t Changed Trump’s Stance on White SupremacyHis continued resistance to renaming military bases that honor Confederates — though it has no obvious political benefit — confirms his true beliefs.
  4. fox news
    Fox News Settles With Seth Rich’s Family After Promoting Conspiracy on His DeathThe network settled with the slain DNC staffer’s parents over three years after suggesting his involvement in the 2016 hack of the Democratic Party.
  5. coronavirus
    U.S. Surpasses 2,000 COVID-19 Deaths in a Day for First Time Since MayTuesday also marked three straight weeks of new daily cases above 100,000 and 15 straight days of new hospitalization highs.
  6. 1927-2020
    David Dinkins Deserved BetterHis mayoralty was not the overt failure it once seemed.
  7. new york
    New York Democrats Gain Veto-Proof Majority in State SenateThe supermajority gives lawmakers enhanced negotiating power over Governor Cuomo and could set pandemic-related eviction protections in motion.
  8. coronavirus vaccine
    CDC Director: COVID Vaccine May Be Ready for Nursing-Home Residents in DecemberRobert Redfield said a vaccine may be distributed to nursing-home residents, then health-care providers, as early as mid-December.
  9. politics
    We’ll Soon Be Rid of Steve King — But Not His DemagogueryThe outgoing Republican congressman’s questioning of Kamala Harris’s ancestry shows his racist impulses have not been blunted — nor have his party’s.
  10. the national interest
    Trump: I’ll Keep Charging Fraud Until Randy Quaid Is SatisfiedThe issue isn’t fraud; it’s the perception of fraud now.
  11. 2021
    What Organized Labor Wants From BidenAfter years of fiery activism, unions won’t be satisfied with returning to the pre-Trump status quo.
  12. parenting
    The Children of QuarantineWhat does a year of isolation and anxiety do to a developing brain?
  13. new york city
    David Dinkins, New York’s First and Only Black Mayor, Has Died at 93Dinkins, who served as mayor from 1989 to 1993, was reportedly found at home in Lenox Hill on Monday and appears to have died from natural causes.
  14. coronavirus
    U.S. COVID Hospitalizations Break Record for 14th Day in a RowThe surge in hospitalizations is just one indicator of the massive third wave in the U.S., where there have been 3 million new cases this month alone.
  15. biden administration
    Joe Biden’s Cabinet Begins to Take ShapeA running list of Biden’s announcements and reported picks as the incoming administration begins to name its top personnel.
  16. presidential transition
    Biden Transition Begins After Trump Appointee Calls Him ‘Apparent Winner’While Trump still hasn’t conceded, he indicated support for a federal agency’s decision to start the process of turning over the government.
  17. this is normal
    Biden Names First Cabinet Picks, None of Whom Want to Destroy World OrderA brief update on President-elect Joe Biden and his confoundingly conventional daily activities.
  18. the national interest
    Trump’s Absurd ‘You Did It First’ Argument for Stealing the ElectionNo, the Mueller investigation is not like what Trump is doing now.
  19. joe biden
    Biden to Name Longtime Aide Antony Blinken as Secretary of State: ReportThe reported appointments on Sunday suggest a return to the foreign-policy vision of President Obama — and a turn away from Trump’s isolationism.
  20. president trump
    Trump Campaign Distances Itself From Conspiracy-Minded Trump LawyerSidney Powell took her theorizing one step too far when she claimed that Republicans in Georgia were paid off to secure a Biden win.
  21. 2020 presidential election
    Federal Judge Rebukes Trump’s Effort to Overturn Pennsylvania Election ResultsIn a scathing ruling, the judge said the Trump campaign was trying to “disenfranchise almost 7 million voters.”
  22. georgia
    Senator Kelly Loeffler May Have COVID-19The Georgia Republican is self-isolating after testing positive on Friday, though a second test on Saturday was inconclusive.
  23. vision 2020
    Will Trump Screw Up Republican Efforts to Hang On to the Senate?Most Republicans want to move on, and fear the crucial Georgia Senate runoffs will become a referendum on Trump’s efforts to contest his defeat.
  24. the national interest
    The Danger (and Ineptitude) of Trump’s Failed CoupWhile his maneuvers won’t prevent Joe Biden from taking office, they will serve several other purposes.
  25. politics
    Michigan Legislators Spurn Trump’s Bid to Overturn Election ResultsThe president summoned the state’s Republican legislative leaders to the White House. They didn’t tell him what he wanted to hear.
  26. covid-19
    Donald Trump Jr. Has Tested Positive for COVID-19Trump’s son is one of dozens of people linked to the president who have recently caught the virus.
  27. politics
    Here’s All the Transition Help Trump Is Denying BidenThe president’s refusal to concede the election he lost has big consequences for everything from the pandemic to law enforcement.
  28. vision 2020
    Georgia Certifies Biden Win, But Republican Infighting ContinuesBrad Raffensperger and Brian Kemp will help end the 2020 election, but the party’s split could get worse as crucial Senate runoffs approach.
  29. the national interest
    There Was a Second Pro-Trump Conspiracy Hearing Thursday We Didn’t Even NoticeTrump has forgotten about his miracle drug, but Ron Johnson hasn’t.
  30. politics
    What Trump’s Coup and America’s First Coup Have in CommonIn 1898, conservative whites overthrew the multiracial government of Wilmington, North Carolina.
  31. contested election
    Trump’s Hold on the GOP Rank and File Continues to Be AmazingHe convinced millions to vote in person, then convinced millions more than the partisan split in voting methods he engineered proves massive fraud.
  32. politics
    The QAnon Congresswoman Is the Perfect RepublicanMarjorie Taylor Greene wasn’t elected to pass laws — she was elected to perform right-wing paranoia.
  33. trump organization
    Trump Fraud Inquiries Now Include Tax Write-offs Involving Ivanka: ReportNew York authorities subpoenaed the president’s business for records concerning his eldest daughter.
  34. 2020 census
    Trump Planned to Break the Census, Just Not This WayThe Trump administration’s plan to speed up the census and suppress the undocumented is expected to delay the process until after Biden is in office.
  35. politics
    Perdue Hit With More Allegations of Shady Stock TransactionsHe bought stock in a submarine company, helped it out in the Senate, then made a windfall. And the news comes as he fights for his political life.
  36. politics
    ‘I Wouldn’t Let Those Lawyers Represent Me for a Parking Ticket’Republicans say the antics to overturn the election are getting tired, fast, and they could cost the party if they go on much longer.
  37. trump dynasty
    Lara Trump Is Considering Senate Run in North CarolinaThe president’s daughter-in-law is the first and only member of the Trump clan to have signaled the possibility of running for office.
  38. 2020 elections
    Which House Races Still Aren’t Called?A narrowed Democratic margin in the House could swell or shrink as the last four races are eventually called.
  39. contested election
    Rudy Melts Down Over Trump and ‘Voter Fraud’ During Insane Press ConferenceThe president’s legal team alleged a vast conspiracy to install Joe Biden, bankrolled by “communist money.”
  40. democrats in disarray
    The Election Should Reduce, Not Increase, Democratic InfightingGiven the likely balance of power in the Senate, there’s less for party to fight about than it expected.
  41. presidential transition
    Trump’s Health Officials Continue to Blockade Biden TransitionMeanwhile, the coronavirus death toll in the United States just passed 250,000.
  42. gop
    Republicans Keep Trying to Throw Out Black Votes After the ElectionWhat challenging ballots in Milwaukee and Detroit is really about.
  43. georgia senate runoffs
    The Hypocrisy of Republican Attacks on Raphael Warnock’s SermonsWarnock and the Black preaching tradition he represents are not “unpatriotic.” They draw from the same inspiration as Christian conservatives.
  44. redistricting
    Democrats Face a Redistricting DisasterDemocrats missed many targets for flipping legislative chambers. Only the rise of independent commissions to draw maps is limiting the damage.
  45. election reform
    Alaska Voters Approve Two Major Election ReformsBallot Measure 2 gives Alaska a top-four nonpartisan primary system and (like Maine) ranked-choice voting. It could be good news for Lisa Murkowski.
  46. vision 2020
    Who Could Lead Trumpism Without Trump?There are several paths Republicans could take to maintain Trump’s political appeal without all the baggage.
  47. 2021
    An Ex-Cop for Mayor? Eric Adams Wants to Find Out.The hard-to-peg Brooklyn borough president jumps into the race to succeed Bill de Blasio.
  48. coronavirus
    Republican Senator Chuck Grassley Tests Positive for COVIDGrassley, the second oldest senator and the lawmaker third in line for the presidency, said he was “feeling good.”
  49. the national interest
    Trump Fires Head of U.S. Cybersecurity for Telling Truth About ElectionThe threat to election security came from inside the White House.
  50. 2020 elections
    Is Black Voter Turnout a Problem for Democrats in Georgia?Yes, Black voter turnout should be higher. But that’s not an excuse for southern Dems to return to their old habit of focusing on white conservatives.
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