1. 2022 midterms
    Trump Nod Triggers Tennessee MAGA Carpetbagger FightThe ex-president’s superfans are upset that he endorsed a former Fox contributor over their preferred candidate.
  2. politics
    Wait, Are Mike Pence and Donald Trump Not on Good Terms?The former VP’s claim that he’s spoken to Trump “probably a dozen times” in the last year has been downgraded to “we talked last summer.”
  3. today in eric adams
    Eric Adams Delivers a EulogyDistressing and sad.
  4. black voters
    Why Joe Biden Is Bleeding Black SupportThe president’s failure to pass voting-rights legislation is only a small part of the story.
  5. first feline
    White House Cat Arrives, Ending Only Biden Scandal I Care AboutWillow Biden proves there can be miracles when you believe — or when you stop believing and publicly complain about Biden breaking a dumb promise.
  6. justice
    What Can Stephen Breyer’s Successor Accomplish?The Supreme Court’s liberals can try to forge a consensus, or use their perch to call out a conservative supermajority.
  7. politics
    Nikki Haley’s Shameless Walk on the Trump TightropeHer startling call for Biden to “step down” was clearly an attempt to atone for crossing Trump. But she may need her dignity someday.
  8. politics
    The Right Has Mastered Cancel CultureGlenn Youngkin’s anti-CRT hotline exemplifies an illiberal trend.
  9. covid-19
    How to Get Free N95 Masks From the GovernmentStarting this week, the Biden administration will distribute 400 million free N95 masks. Here’s everything we know about the program.
  10. today in eric adams
    Mayor Opens Airport, Demands End of TraumaPlease don’t be a mess near this man.
  11. politics
    Can Kamala Harris Break a Tie on a Supreme Court Confirmation?In 2020, Laurence Tribe claimed the vice-president has no tiebreaking powers on judicial confirmations. Republicans are looking into the theory.
  12. politics
    Democrats Are Playing Catch-up on Supreme Court NominationsRepublicans have appointed the lion’s share of justices in recent decades. Biden needs to make the most of his rare opportunity.
  13. the national interest
    Biden Didn’t Invent Affirmative Action for the Supreme CourtConservatives attack the president for promising to appoint a Black woman to the Court.
  14. covid-19
    Where to Get Home COVID Tests and Why They’re So Hard to FindHere are all your current options, including where tests are in stock, insurance reimbursement, and how to get free tests from the government.
  15. media
    Sarah Palin Paints the Town COVIDShe shocks the capital of blue America, unvaccinated and unashamed.
  16. the national interest
    The Republican Party’s Anti-Vaxx Wing Is Too Big to FailToo late to purge the kooks.
  17. politics
    Will Sinema and Manchin Screw This Up?Nothing may unite Democrats better than putting the first Black woman on the Supreme Court.
  18. the federal reserve
    Fed to Markets: The Prices Are Too Damn HighJerome Powell told markets what they expected to hear Wednesday, albeit in a slightly more hawkish tone than some anticipated.
  19. education
    Glenn Youngkin Won’t Stop Undermining Public SchoolsIt’s ludicrous to think that parents alone should control every school decision affecting their kids.
  20. politics
    Stephen Breyer and the End of the Apolitical Supreme CourtEven John Roberts and Amy Coney Barrett claim to be above politics. But Breyer may be the last justice to actually believe it.
  21. 2022 midterms
    Pelosi to Run for House Again … But Not for Speaker?She pledged to step down as Democratic leader at the end of this Congress. But unless she changes her mind, she will stay around as a living legend.
  22. covid-19
    New York State’s Mask Mandate Reinstated, For NowA state appellate court judge granted a stay after the state sued to block an earlier ruling which struck down the mandate.
  23. ukraine
    Let’s Call a Weapon a WeaponExamining what “lethal aid” to Ukraine really means.
  24. 2022 midterms
    J.D. Vance Wins the Marjorie Taylor Greene PrimaryThe fiery MAGA extremist Greene has accomplished nothing in Congress. But she’s a power nonetheless and could help Vance win a Senate primary.
  25. politics
    Is Trump Losing His Base? New Poll Suggests Otherwise.Talk about Ron DeSantis displacing Trump is very premature and perhaps another sign of the perpetual underestimation of the 45th president.
  26. our climate
    Will Local Politics Cook the Planet?How parochial grassroots movements could impede the green transition.
  27. hot mic
    Joe Biden Calls Fox News Reporter a ‘Stupid Son of a B- - - -’The president, who appeared frustrated by a not-so-astute question, phoned Peter Doocy afterward to make amends.
  28. crime
    The Return of New York’s Most Notorious CopsThe new mayor and police commissioner want to fight gun crime by bringing back anti-crime units, which were disbanded after a history of abuse.
  29. 2022 midterms
    When Life Stinks, the President’s Popularity SinksDemocrats’ unpopularity is probably the product of a generally unhappy country, not any particular misstep by President Biden.
  30. the national interest
    Newt Gingrich Invented Donald Trump’s Lock-Them-Up PoliticsA one-man bridge from Reaganism to Trumpism.
  31. media
    Sarah Palin Postpones Court Date by Contracting COVIDShe was just about to face off against the New York Times.
  32. 2022 midterms
    Democrats Need Republican Mistakes to Hang On to the SenateA normal midterm swing could help Republicans sweep close Senate races. But Trump and intraparty problems could help Democrats keep control.
  33. the law
    Biden’s Monopoly GamesBiden’s team was supposed to bring a shift in antitrust thinking, but its leaders sound a lot like the traditionalists they were supposed to replace.
  34. politics
    Biden Didn’t Have the Power or Luck to Become FDR or LBJBiden is trying to govern in an era totally unlike the 1930s or 1960s with little margin for error and a lot of nasty surprises. Give him a break.
  35. the city politic
    Everyone Needs to Take a Deep Breath About Alvin BraggHis criminal-justice reforms have prompted a freak-out, but they’re reasonable — and exactly what he promised.
  36. the national interest
    Trump Unable to Grasp Hannity’s ‘Banging Head Against Wall’ MetaphorFormer president thinks he’s being asked about literal wall.
  37. election coup
    The Election Law Central to January 6 Might Actually Get FixedBoth Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are “open” to reform of the Electoral Count Act.
  38. literature
    Trump Invites Congress to Election-Lie Book ClubSending every House Republican a book about the “rigged” election just makes him look desperate.
  39. politics
    Never Mind the Facts. Trump Fans Feel Like a MajorityWhen you’ve been convinced polls are fake and actual elections are rigged, it is easy to confuse visible signs of enthusiasm as a ticket to power.
  40. havana syndrome
    CIA: (Most) Havana Syndrome (Probably) Not Caused by Foreign AttackThe agency’s interim findings bolster the “mass sociogenic illness” theory but are frustratingly inconclusive.
  41. politics
    Of Course, Eric Adams Is Turning His Paycheck Into CryptoThe mayor once talked about getting paid in bitcoin, but he’ll have to settle for the next best thing.
  42. the national interest
    The Filibuster Is Living on Borrowed TimeMitch McConnell wants you to think the fight is over. It’s not.
  43. politics
    Kyrsten Sinema’s Moment of InfamyThe enigmatic Democrat votes for the filibuster and against her party.
  44. politics
    Biden’s Marathon Press Conference Didn’t Quite Go As PlannedThe president’s aim was to get back on message, but he may have stirred new trouble with his remarks on Russia and Ukraine.
  45. today in eric adams
    What If We Stopped Drivers From Killing People?Doing very little hasn’t worked yet. What if we tried?
  46. 2022 midterms
    Biden’s Approval Rating Is Low But Still Higher Than Trump’sWith better skill than he’s shown lately and a bit of luck, Biden can mitigate 2022 midterm losses and bounce back in 2024.
  47. politics
    Letitia James Details Fraud Claims Against Trump OrganizationThe state attorney general’s office says the former president’s company illegally inflated asset prices.
  48. trump tv
    Is One America News Too Trumpy for Its Own Good?Trump blamed “woke executives” for DirecTV dropping One America News Network. But maybe airing conspiracy theories is the root of OAN’s troubles.
  49. today in eric adams
    The Celebrity Everyman at the Fruit StandMake that content!
  50. politics
    Trump Thinks DeSantis Owes Him EverythingIf the Sunshine State ingrate aspires to a political destiny independent of Trump, the former president will give him the Brian Kemp treatment.
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