It’s pretty hard to spin this one

.@GovRonDeSantis opens up press conference in perhaps the hardest hit hospital in the state of Florida by putting a positive spin on record new cases: lots of testing, trending younger.
coronavirus stimulus
coronavirus stimulus
Will We Get a Second Round of COVID-19 Stimulus Checks?
As the coronavirus roars back and Trump’s reelection prospects drop, odds of a second check are rising, but perhaps with tighter eligibility.

A drastic about-face for California

NEW: #COVID19 cases continue to spread at alarming rates.

CA is now closing indoor operations STATEWIDE for:

-Movie theaters, family entertainment
-Zoos, museums

Bars must close ALL operations.

A self-destructive message that he just won’t stray from

Trump won’t acknowledge that covid cases are increasing irrespective of increased testing. “We test more than anybody … when we test, we create cases. … We are doing a great job.”
This Recession Is a Bigger Housing Crisis Than 2008
Roughly 10 million Americans lost their homes to the foreclosure crisis. More than twice that number are at risk of eviction by October.
Coronavirus Deaths Are Catching Up to the Case Surge
As New York City has its first day in months without a COVID-19 death, the country’s new hot spots are seeing deaths spike.
vision 2020
vision 2020
Republican National Convention Becoming a Dumpster Fire
Options for safely holding a big Trump celebration in Jacksonville are shrinking as it becomes a major COVID-19 hotspot.

There’s a lot going on here

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The only good news is it’s less than the 15,000 plus cases recorded on Sunday

Florida reported 12,624 new coronavirus cases on Monday, the second-highest total for a single day in the pandemic, out of more than 112,200 test results.

Is this a winning pitch?

Thom Tillis’ message at the (virtual) NCGOP convention: “The stakes are very high this election, but you know why I know we’re going to win? Because people remember how good their lives were back in February.”
new york city
new york city
One-Year-Old Shot and Killed at Brooklyn Cookout
The 22-month-old was shot in the stomach while sitting his stroller at the end of another violent New York City weekend.
2020 election
2020 election
Kanye West and the Media Are Once Again Playing a Dangerous Game
There needs to be a reckoning about the toxic relationship between Kanye West and the vox populi.

Pivoting to Trump TV?

So hard to watch @FoxNews anymore. They are working so hard against the people (viewers) that got them there. Their contributors are a disaster, and all over the place. The Radical Left has scared Fox into submission, just like they have so many others. Sad, but we will WIN!
the national interest
the national interest
Trump Warns That Biden Presidency Would Be Disaster (for Ratings)
Finally, a second-term agenda Trump can credibly commit to.

At long, long last

The N.F.L. team in Washington plans to announce Monday that it will drop Redskins from its name, according to a person with direct knowledge of the decision, yielding to sponsors and Native American activists who have long criticized it a racist slur.

The person who confirmed the decision spoke on condition of anonymity because the team had yet to make the official announcement. The anticipated move was first reported by Sports Business Journal on Sunday and followed by other news organizations.

The team, one of the oldest in the N.F.L., was not expected to announce a new name on Monday as it continues to evaluate possibilities.

vision 2020
vision 2020
Can Trump Make the Supreme Court a Campaign Issue Again?
Trump-appointed justices didn’t give conservatives everything they hoped for. That only raises the stakes in November.
vision 2020
vision 2020
Polls Raise Hopes of Biden Turning Texas Blue
New polls, including one that has Trump down by five points, suggest the Lone Star State may not be off the table for the Biden campaign.
Trump Administration Transitions From Ignoring to Undermining Anthony Fauci
For the last month, the White House has disregarded the NIAID head. But over the weekend, the administration began to bad-mouth their own expert.

The island ahead of the world

New Zealand has lifted almost all of its coronavirus restrictions after reporting no active cases in the country. At midnight local time, all of New Zealand moved to level one, the lowest of a four-tier alert system. Under new rules, social distancing is not required and there are no limits on public gatherings, but borders remain closed to foreigners.

New Zealand has reported no new Covid-19 cases for more than two weeks. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told reporters she did “a little dance” when she was told the country no longer had any active virus cases.

the top line
the top line
How Ski Resorts Hope to Operate Under COVID-19 This Winter
Skiing is a naturally low-risk activity, but concerns about sudden lockdowns and traveling to, getting up, and eating on the mountain remain.

Great, hard-earned news

Yesterday was the first day since March that there were no new Covid-19 deaths in New York City. Keep wearing your masks and keep social distancing. It works.
Coronavirus Hot Spot States by the Numbers
A rundown of states — like Arizona, Florida, and Texas — facing alarming summer outbreaks, including closures, caseloads, and hospitalizations.
Florida Sets New U.S. Record With Over 15,000 COVID-19 Cases
The previous record of 12,274 daily cases was set by New York on April 4.

Full of beans

Illustration: Screencap/Twitter
the pandemic president
the pandemic president
99 Days Later, Trump Finally Wears a Face Mask in Public
It only took more than three months, 3.2 million COVID-19 infections, and 134,000 deaths for Trump to follow and model CDC guidance a single time.

Not waving but drowning

[A]fter a prolonged battle against what Trump’s biggest supporters see as a rigged judicial system staffed by Obama-era bureaucrats, [Michael] Flynn’s status as a deep state-fighting warrior has only grown. And with Flynn on the verge of potentially having criminal charges dismissed altogether, Trump allies are pushing the campaign to give Flynn the ultimate comeback: hitting the campaign trail for the president, according to nine people inside or close to the Trump campaign. …

Three people affiliated with the campaign said they would welcome Flynn back — perhaps reprising his role as an opening act at Trump rallies or a TV surrogate — between now and Election Day, although a Trump campaign official said the campaign has not approached Flynn about taking a formal position.

The move would bring Flynn back to where it all started in 2016, but this time emboldened by his journey — from little-known campaign surrogate, to White House national security adviser, to indicted Russia probe target, to, potentially, the man who defeated Robert Mueller’s prosecutors.

And here comes the heat

A long-lasting, widespread and intense heat wave is set to swallow the nation, arriving right at the historical peak in annual temperatures. While hot weather is expected in the summertime, the magnitude, duration, and intensity of the upcoming heat wave will be impressive.

A wide swath of the Lower 48 will be engulfed by temperatures 10 or more degrees above normal, with a sprawling heat dome likely to park over the nation’s heartland, lingering for weeks. The combination of heat and stifling humidity could even catapult heat index levels into the triple digits near the coasts. …

With the heat will come collateral impacts, including the risk of strong to severe windstorms for some. Climate change continues to worsen and extremity heat events, increasing their severity. A recent analysis by Climate Central found that the number of days each year with overlapping high heat and humidity has doubled across much of the United States since 1980.

The death tolls are catching up

BREAKING: 188 new deaths reported in Florida. Highest single day toll yet.@CNN

Simply put

An American private citizen worked with foreign spies to damage one presidential candidate and help the other. That president accepted the help. When caught, the private citizen lied. When the private citizen was punished, the president commuted his sentence.

vision 2020
vision 2020
State and Local Budget Shortfalls Adding to Potential Election Chaos
Congress needs to act to keep November’s pandemic-hampered election from becoming an epochal disaster.
joe biden
joe biden
The Biden-Trump Race Is a Tale of Two Populisms
One speaks to the temporarily embarrassed millionaire, the other to the proud laborer.

How high will the second peak of U.S. COVID-19 hospitalizations go?

Illustration: Screencap/Twitter

This may or may not come as a surprise

The top writer for Fox News host Tucker Carlson has for years been using a pseudonym to post bigoted remarks on an online forum [called AutoAdmit, also known as XOXOhth,] that is a hotbed for racist, sexist, and other offensive content, CNN Business learned this week.

Just this week, the writer, Blake Neff, responded to a thread started by another user in 2018 with the subject line, “Would u let a JET BLACK congo n****er do lasik eye surgery on u for 50% off?” Neff wrote, “I wouldn’t get LASIK from an Asian for free, so no.” (The subject line was not censored on the forum.) On June 5, Neff wrote, “Black doods staying inside playing Call of Duty is probably one of the biggest factors keeping crime down.” On June 24, Neff commented, “Honestly given how tired black people always claim to be, maybe the real crisis is their lack of sleep.” On June 26, Neff wrote that the only people who care about changing the name of the NFL’s Washington Redskins are “white libs and their university-’educated’ pets.”

And over the course of five years, Neff has maintained a lengthy thread in which he has derided a woman and posted information about her dating life that has invited other users to mock her and invade her privacy. There has at times also been overlap between some material he posted or saw on the forum and Carlson’s show.

obstruction of justice
obstruction of justice
Trump Commutes Sentence of Roger Stone, Who Refused to Testify Against Him
The president has made sure that his loyal friend and longtime collaborator will not face justice after he was convicted of obstructing justice.
the top line
the top line
COVID-19 Is Changing Many Things — But Not Apartment Rents
Even during this extremely unstable time, the cost to rent a home has so far remained surprisingly stable.

Georgia reported another record number of cases on Friday (almost 5,000)

[Atlanta] Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is preparing to roll back the city’s reopening plans as coronavirus cases surge, a spokesperson told Channel 2 Action News Friday. The city will go back to Phase 1, in which all residents are ordered to stay home except for essential trips. Atlanta entered Phase 2 at the end of May, which was described as an “easing” of restrictions phase. …

On Wednesday, Mayor Bottoms signed an executive order mandating that people wear face masks or coverings in the City of Atlanta. Bottoms and her family members have tested positive for the virus. The Mayor’s orders are just guidelines and are not enforceable. Gov. Brian Kemp’s executive orders, which have allowed many businesses to fully reopen with new safety and social distancing guidelines, supersede any orders by Mayor Bottoms.

Disney World Is Reopening. Some Workers Are Worried.
The Disney’s flagship theme park reopens this weekend. But has the company done enough to protect workers from the coronavirus?

Not shady at all

Just had a long talk with #RogerStone. He says he doesn’t want a pardon (which implies guilt) but a commutation, and says he thinks #Trump will give it to him. “He knows I was under enormous pressure to turn on him. It would have eased my situation considerably. But I didn’t.”

It’s normal in some other countries

NEW: Facebook is considering a ban on political ads on its social network in the days leading up to the U.S. election in November. No decision yet, but it’s being discussed, according to sources
When (and How) Sports Are Returning Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic
In the next few weeks, the MLB, NBA, and NHL will start playing again — but they’ll look wildly different.

Chaotic planning? That’s not like this White House at all

New: Per source in New Hampshire familiar, this decision to postpone Trump’s rally tomorrow was a last minute decision, shocking some in the state who had been finalizing plans #nhpolitics
intelligencer chats
intelligencer chats
The Pandemic Is Putting Parents in an Impossible Situation
A conversation about New York City’s haphazard school-reopening plan.
interesting times
interesting times
Andrew Sullivan: Coronavirus Will Be the Real Swing Voter in November
The only way Trump can win is to ignore the pandemic or lie about it. Neither strategy seems to be working at the moment.

Whitmer isn’t messing around

BREAKING: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer toughens a requirement to wear masks during the coronavirus pandemic, mandates that businesses open to the public deny service or entry to customers who refuse to wear one.
trump tweets
trump tweets
Trump Likes Tweet Praising ‘Stripper’ Vibes in New Summer Walker Song
The president baffles with another late-night Twitter “like.”
the national interest
the national interest
Trump Keeps Boasting He Passed Cognitive Impairment Test
It’s one of his best remaining accomplishments in office, if true.

A move that would surprise no one

Pres Trump says hell be looking at a pardon for former campaign advisor Roger Stone, scheduled to begin prison term next Tuesday. In response to a question on departing WH, Pres said Stone was unfairly treated.

Trump’s brutal numbers get even more brutal

Photo: @lrozen/Twitter
the economy
the economy
Congress Can’t Handle the Truth About the Coronavirus Recession
With coronavirus cases surging, the U.S. economy has never been sicker, and Republicans are preparing to take it off life support.